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mahesh holla,adhvaga
Mahesh Holla is an CGI Professional, working for Prime Focus creative services as BG Supervisor at Animation Division.

Travelling is my weakness and can't imagine my existence without having my travel backpack! All this started when I used to work for Media Industry back in 2001 at Bangalore started exploring near by places with my Brothers Bajaj Chetak (Scooter) along with my Best Friend and Boss at work place, Vishal Stetty.

There is so much of fun and excitement when you start travel without any pre plan and as the journey unfolds, depending on the time and many other circumstances the final Destination of the Travel plan reveals and this was exactly what we had done at that time for at least for an year. Some time reached near by destinations and few time other States like Andhra Pradesh, Chennai and Kerala.

as the year progresses, purchased a Bajaj Pulsar (Motorcycle) and explored many area's and started Traveling to my native frequently which its away from 330 km from Bangalore and solely Travelling become my passion and now its in my DNA.

From Scooter to Motor cycle to Maruti 800, Maruti Alto and currently owning Honda Amaze and recently traveled to Rann of Kutch and Dholavira! Hope this blog will help other people to find some interesting Area's around us.

Still working on the Blog content and whenever the Time permits will update and mean while if you feel any of the Images displayed here Interesting then please Dig at Google.

souparnika holla

'Travel' is a word which excites me more than any thing. Exploring different lands, culture, heritage, people, food, landscapes is a experience for a life time. Much interesting part for me is planing. Searching in internet, reading a lot about selected place, finding convince route in Google map, checking variety of hotels that suits fixed budget, noting down must see spots,... I just love this part. Second is I love journey on road, exploring unknown possibility, breaking boundaries. I can not imagine myself without my phone and Google map App. Sometimes, network slows down and you are on wrong path. Again making new ways for main routes ! 

I am grateful to my life, that I got a such a wonderful partner who shares same passion. With him, we have visited as much places on weekends, hundreds to thousands kilometers in long weekends. This is a place where we share our experiences which might be useful for many other travelers and inspires others to move out from their homes to enjoy the mindful wanderings on this beautiful country.

Happy Touring.

Souparnika Holla
(Internet Entrepreneur,CG artist by profession, Journalism Graduate)